Does RiskScape come with the hazard and asset data for my Region?


Regarding hazard data, RiskScape comes with a national Earthquake model which covers the whole of New Zealand. All major volcanoes are also included. However, RiskScape can't provide high resolution flood, tsunami or wind maps. RiskScape does contain scenarios for Christchurch, Westport, Hawkes Bay, Greytown, Wellington and Whakatane. Data for other areas has to be provided.

In terms of asset information, RiskScape has access to Quotable Values building database. However, only government agencies can be granted access. Some of the building attributes are also extrapolated (e.g. floor height – relevant for flooding) and subject to uncertainty on an individual building level. The idea is that this data gradually gets replaced by the user.

The data on infrastructure (pipelines, pump stations, etc.) is also limited and has to be provided by the user.